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After few years working  as a manual pattern cutter un some of the top ateliers in London I had the urge to point my career in a slight  different direction. The fashion industry I knew had entered at that point some sort of crisis at many levels and I wasn't only looking for a more balanced life, but more creative freedom and wanted to re-introduce some of the architectural practice from my past in my current workflow. It was during my pregnancy and maternity leave in 2019 when I discovered CLO3D software and all the possibilities that 3D software could add to a very unsustainable fashion industry.  Straight away I was drawn into a whole world of possibilities not only drafting patterns and fitting them in a very precise and visual way, I could also easily add all the technical sheets that come with pattern creation like costing and layout. But what excited me the most was the ability to work on textures and artwork, and create product visualisations from it.  I developed a personal practice portfolio and some sort of following in social media from it and then a global pandemic kicked in 2020, and all of the sudden all of these possibilities became a necessity and it became not only a passion but a solid new career path. 

Some of the amazing clients I have had since April 2020 are:

-Loewe (France/Spain)
-La Metamorphose (France/Poland)

-Ferona (UK)

-Republiqe (UK)
-K by Kaia (UK)
-Jennifer Claire (UK)
-PoochiAnnas (UK)
-Anomalie (US)
-Ze Buttler Culture (France)
-LoveWear by Witsense (Dubai/Italy)

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